[1st single] Sakura no hanabiratachi

July 2, 2010

Released: February 1st, 2006
Peak Oricon position: 10
First week sales: 22,011
Total sales: 46,274

01. Sakura no hanabiratachi (桜の花びらたち)
02. Dear my teacher
03. Sakura no hanabiratachi (Karaoke version)
04. Dear my teacher (Karaoke version)

Participating members for Sakura no hanabiratachi
Team A: I. Tomomi, U. Yuki, U. Kazumi, O. Tomomi, O. Mai, O. Ayumi, K. Nozomi, K. Haruna, K. Hitomi, S. Yukari, T. Minami, T. Hana, N. Rina, N. Risa, H. Natsumi, H. Michiru, M. Atsuko, M. Kayano, M. Minami, W. Shiho

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