New Release – No Sleeves (no3b) 1st Album

December 2, 2010

No Sleeves or no3b’s first album is to be released early next year (1st Jan, 2011).

There are five editions in total. The regular CD, limited CD+DVD and three other limited  CD+DVD editions that include each member’s solo song (A – Kojima, B – Takahashi and C – Minegishi).

Each edition includes a photo booklet, Misanga plus four trading cards and a photo as external bonus.

Covers are as follows (L-R: Regular edition, limited CD+DVD, limited CD+DVD minegishi ver.)

The songs listed below are found in Miichan’s limited edition version only.
(Tracks may vary between each members version)

01. Relax!
02. キスの流星 (Kiss no ryuusei)
03. 3seconds Remix
04. ハート型ウイルス [no3b ver.] (Heart-gata virus)
05. Bye Bye Bye
06. 私は私 [峯岸みなみソロ曲] (Watashi wa watashi – Miichan solo song)
07. 純愛のクレッシェンド (Jun’ai no crescendo)
08. クリスマスプレゼント Remix (Christmas present)
09. Lie
10. タネ (Tane)
11. 尺が欲しい [恋愛運上昇団] (Shaku ga hoshii – Ren’ai un joushoudan)

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